Melbourne Music Week Self Made

Join the unfolding of TRAILER MUSIC II, a film and music collaboration that explores the critical yet often overlooked role of music in driving storytelling and imagination. Bringing together musicians and filmmakers closely in the creative process, we look to discover new approaches to film making, push the boundaries of classical music, and challenge expectations of the live concert experience


Join us at Trailer Music II, part of the Melbourne Music Week 2016 Self-Made series. 

Combining the best of a live classical music concert and the electrifying buzz of a premiere film screening, this holds the first of many discoveries for frequent and new concertgoers alike. Rethink film. Reimagine classical music.

When? 8pm, Sat 12 Nov & Sun 13 Nov

Where? 1000 Pound Bend, 361 Little Lonsdale St


Trailer Music II Teaser

Meet the filmmakers


A Film & Music collaboration; borne out of a curious urge

Inspired by Trailer Music (for piano, violin and cello) by Melbourne composer/conductor Nicholas Buc, we wondered: What happens if you create films based on music, instead of the other way around? Led by Creative Director/Violinist Thomas Lo, and Artistic Director/Pianist Nicole Tj, the official film was produced from the individual contributions of six emerging filmmakers, and premiered at a one-night event at MeatMarket in North Melbourne on 29 August 2015. We were also invited to present the TRAILER MUSIC concept and perform at TEDxFoggyBottom in Washington D.C. in April 2016. 

Filmmakers: Junhan Foong, Justin Sebastian, Michael Chandra, Timothy Casten, Brooke SHH Aung, Liam Gordes

Consulting Director: Joel Harmsworth / Project Manager: Mages Ruiz Diaz / Creative Director: Thomas Lo

Performed by: Nicole Tj (piano), Thomas Lo (violin), Tim Hennesy (cello) / Recorded by: Declan Kelly