We are advocates for drawing a closer connection between music and storytelling, as a means to explore an accessible way of communicating and interpreting classical music. That said, you certainly don't need to have a background in classical music, for we find that having an open mind has been integral to exploring and discovering the possibilities of TRAILER MUSIC.

Working closely with our Creative Director/Violinist Thomas Lo across a team of 5 independent filmmakers, you will be accountable for creating a short film (approximately 3 minutes) in response to a newly commissioned piano trio by Nicholas Buc, performed by anon.

Are you our type?

14 August: Expressions of Interest close

21-23 August: Interviews - shortlisted filmmakers will be invited to create a response to a short music excerpt prior to the interview

29 August: Filmmakers announced 

31 Oct: Films completed

Mid-Nov: The Trailer Music Experience - concert and premiere screening