Brooke Carson


Film Maker

Projects: Trailer Music 2015

Brooke is an ambitious and risk-taking filmmaker who has completed her Bachelor of Creative Arts in Film, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and is currently studying Master of Arts specialising in Film, at Deakin University. With a wide range of experience, from mainstream music video and advertisement work back in her home country, to promotional work and independent short films in Australia, she is somewhat of a multitalented filmmaker. While Writing and Directing her own films, Brooke has also dabbled in various other aspects of filmmaking, including Production Design, Editing and Sound Design. From a desert, to the top of a mountain, and to the snow she has worked on various demanding shoots, and is always ready for more challenges.

Brooke has most recently worked on the independent short film ‘The Hiker,’ made for the 2015 MyRodeReel film competition, and is currently working as a Video Producer for Me In A Minute at Deakin University.

See her Vimeo here. See her latest work here.