Fashion Designer

With a perfectly balanced harmony of form and function, the Kuwaii aesthetic is at once both strikingly simple and intricately precise.

Clean lines, classic silhouettes, understated detailing and perfect proportions create a sense of effortless beauty. And yet, upon closer inspection a hidden world of subtle intricacies is revealed: a quality of workmanship, fabrics and finishings, refined tailoring and precise techniques.

Graceful in their strength, feminine yet never frivolous, modern yet timeless, Kuwaii is the creation of designer Kristy Barber who, following her award as Student Designer of the Year at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, cut her fashion-teeth through internships with cult Australian brands Arnsdorf and Lover, as well as a stint in New York at the Phillip Lim 3.1 atelier.

In 2008 the label was launched, and with each new collection Kuwaii’s loyal following has grown as women are drawn to the pieces which are timeless, intelligent and above all, beautiful.