Trailer Music, 2015



What happens when you create film based on music, instead of the other way around? We wanted to show that music and moving pictures were equal, interdependent partners in driving an effective film - a playful depiction through iconic film and music elements. Beyond that, we put forward a new multi-sensory perspective to the concert event experience - ‘see music, hear film’. 

Digital, animation. By Thomas Lo and Nicole Tj.



Listening to Trailer Music for the first time, we were instantly struck by how cinematic it was - it felt almost unnatural that it didn’t have an accompanying film. We wanted the moving pictures to enhance, not distract from, the communication of the music. We met with composer Nicholas Buc. We ran a Pozible crowdfunding campaign to raise $10 000. We welcomed on board six young Melbourne film makers, each creating short films segments within 30 days. We experienced a film screening and classical concert under one roof. We took a gamble. 




Nicole Tj. piano  |  Thomas Lo. violin  |  Timothy Hennessy. cello


Junhan Foong | Justin Sebastian | Michael Chandra | Timothy Casten | Brooke SHH Aung | Liam Gordes


Mages Ruiz Diaz. project manager | Joel Harmsworth. directo


Nicholas Buc - Trailer Music
Saint-Saëns - Piano Trio No.2
Trailer Music: The Film (Premiere)



29 August 2015, MeatMarket, North Melbourne