New Identity, 2013



In reflecting on our journey of learning and discovery in working towards a new, contemporary sound palette - that wasn’t always readily ‘beautiful’, we toyed with the idea of ‘old’ versus ‘new’ - the splash of (powdered) colour signalling the new wave. Nicole and Josie were dressed by young Melbourne designers Melati de Jong and Kara Liu. We worked with photographer/videographer Eric Trinh in bringing the video to life in Thomas’ garage. Fancy.

Print, digital, video. By Thomas Lo, Eric Trinh and Nicole Tj.



We had latched on to the idea of working with the oboe - Martinu’s Quartet for Oboe, Cello, Violin and Piano brought about a quirky excitement in the air, and was the starting point that led to the rest of the contemporary program. A photographer/videographer friend suggested (quite casually) the idea of creating a film to the Ross Edwards Piano Trio. We were so thrilled we found someone else as keen on creative collaborations as we were, and ran with the idea. 




Nicole Tj. piano  |  Thomas Lo. violin  |  Josie Graham. cello  |  Jasper Ly. oboe 



Robin Holloway (Australian Premiere) – Trio for Oboe, Violin and Piano
Ross Edwards - Piano Trio
Martinu - Quartet for Oboe, Cello, Violin and Piano



10 Dec 2013, fortyfivedownstairs