Liam Gordes


Film Maker

Projects: Trailer Music 2015

Liam Gordes started making films from the age of 10 in his backyard with just a handy cam and a couple of mates. Fast forward 14 years and he has built up a stellar list of accomplishments. His film ‘NINETEEN95’ was shortlisted as a finalist in the 48 Hour Film Project 2014, and ‘The Fold’ won Best Film, Best Editing and Best Sound Design in the Filmly 72 Hour Film Project in 2014. He completed a Bachelor of Film and Digital Media from Deakin University, and co-founded production company Not Half Bad Productions – back in 2004 with his brother, to make fun short skit videos to post on YouTube – and professionally in 2009. Not only does he work with corporate clients, he is also currently deep into Post Production on his first TV show called ‘Room and Board’!

See more of Liam and Not Half Bad on Vimeo and Facebook.