The Other Side, 2014



We wanted to depict this program in a vibrant and contemporary light, a concept that represented ‘The Other Side’ - both metaphorically, of classical music, and literally, by revealing only a contained part of what lay behind the surface. This was put together in collaboration with Melbourne designers Aacute and Kuwaii, as well as photographer Jiajia Tan.



Astor Piazzolla’s fiesty Argentinian tangos have long been amongst our favourites - groovy and lots of fun. We jumped at the thought of adding an accordion and double bass to the usual piano trio mix, for a program that showcased great pieces that didn’t quite fit the typical chamber music repertoire mould. This included Italian composer Bottesini’s Grand Duo Concertante - a virtuosic battle between the violin and double bass. We hadn’t seen fingers fly across a double bass so quickly till then.



Nicole Tj. piano  |  Thomas Lo. violin  |  Eliza Sdraulig. cello  |  Jo Abbott. accordion  |  Jono Coco. double bass



Milhaud – Le Boeuf sur le toit, adapted for quartet
Bottesini – Grand Duo Concertante, violin & double bass
Piazzolla – Silfo y Ondina, quintet



21 Nov 2014, Wysleskie Auditorium