A note: 2016, where to?

The idea of creative entrepreneurs has been …

But two months into 2016 and we have finally gotten our shit together. Within the span of a week, we’ve nailed a 3:20am performance at White Night Melbourne, a 9am O-Week talk to current Music students at the University of Melbourne, and even got this new www.projectanon.com up and running. 

Yes, we did stop to take a step back over Summer. We felt we needed to go back to the core of who we were, who anon. was, and why we were doing what we were. We’re now at the two-and-a-half year mark; we have certainly evolved and grown over the years, but at our core, we are still very much about reimagining the classical concert experience for a new audience. In fact, we have learnt so much from our concert-goers, and are constantly in awe when hearing about their own discoveries, that we are much more certain of the need to shake things up and stretch new creative boundaries with each collaboration we do. These collaborations are now called anon.expected. Pun intended.

We are also curating a range of other concerts and events that we will be part of throughout the year - anon.collection. Our goal is to meet and share our vision and love for what we do with an ever growing audience. 

But - we are not for a split second kidding ourselves with all of our creative endeavours. With Tim Hennessy returning as cellist for a second year running, 2016 marks a continued effort towards our professional development as a piano trio. Working with some of the best Australian performers, we can only expect a constructive and rewarding year ahead. 

So hang on tight - this year will be bigger than before. And we hope that you will join us on this journey. 

Nicole & Thomas