Still In Time, 2014



Three very distinct works - yet in our mind absolutely complementary. The scope across the Romantic, Impressionist and Contemporary flavours of each composer was represented by both the wallpaper background and fashion, captured in a single snapshot as if frozen still in time. We teamed up with Melbourne designer Christina Exie who dressed Nicole and Eliza, and photographer Dulce Amor to create the images.

Print, digital. By Thomas Lo, Dulce Amor and Nicole Tj.



Every piano trio, at some point, turns to the Brahms Piano Trio No. 1, and decides that it is time to conquer one of the key masterpieces of the Piano Trio Repertoire. It is rich. It is monumental. It is all-encompassing. To strike a balance with that we brought together the layered patterns of Phillip Glass (love him or hate him) and Debussy. If you listen closely enough you’ll pick up hints of the theme song of James Bond’s Skyfall.




Nicole Tj. piano  |  Thomas Lo. violin  |  Eliza Sdraulig. cello



Brahms - Piano Trio No.1
Phillip Glass - Piano Trio
Debussy - Piano Trio in G Major



31 May 2014, Methodist Ladies College