It takes two to tango. 

Because it is no secret that we need your continuous love and support to take both our special projects and performances to the next level. This allows us to keep innovating and creating original collaborations that span across classical music and other creative disciplines. This will also ensure that we are able to pay utmost attention to our professional performance development. Music, that is. Not tango.




Creative Classical Music

We are currently setting up a support channel to help fund our ongoing development. You will be contributing towards one of the below:

  • Professional Development - Tutorials, masterclasses, workshops with industry professionals, professional studio recordings
  • Creative Development - Commission fees, collaborator fees, artist fees, marketing collateral development
  • Event Production - Event design, spatial design, AV hire, piano hire


Deliver Great Events

You believe in our ambition and want to play a part in delivering successful creative collaborations and classical concert experiences to a new audience. We are more than happy to discuss your interests and requirements as a partner to tailor a package for you, which could include: 

  • Exclusivity
  • Presentation/naming rights
  • Inclusion in marketing and PR activities
  • Bespoke performances for your key stakeholders


A Bespoke Performance

You’ve got a great festival/event/venue/wedding up your sleeve and wonder how music could help make your guests eat more cake/dance better/be better people. This could be a simple selection from our existing program, or a bespoke performance designed for you.