Trailer Music: One year on...

Trailer Music 2015 - 03 - Concert

This time last year we would've still been reeling from the sheer exhilaration and exhaustion of Trailer Music I, barely 5 days after the one night extravangaza at MeatMarket in North Melbourne. We had decided to get rolling with a short film collaboration at the start of 2015 without really knowing what we were getting ourselves into, driven only by the compelling urge of having to do something with Nicholas Buc’s ridiculously cinematic piano trio, Trailer Music.

The months, days and hours leading up to the 29 August performance was not without its setbacks, frustrations and ultimate facepalm moments. Seeing the whole MeatMarket space transform on the day of the performance itself, from a blank canvas to a 160-seat set up complete with the big screen and booming audio, and a small showcase of seating duos by local furniture and industrial designers (YellowDiva, Dowel Jones, Ali Bahrman, Ruby Robertson) for our VIP ticket holders really brought home the fact - this is it!! The night sold out, we had a blast performing Trailer Music and Saint Saens Piano Trio, and were proud to see the incredible efforts of six filmmakers (Junhan Foong, Justin Sebastian, Michael Chandra, Timothy Casten, Brooke Aung, Liam Gordes) come to fruition in the premiere screening of the complete Trailer Music short film.

Trailer Music 2015 - 06 Film

Even more so, we were completely in awe of how people were responding to the performance itself. It was with such enthusiasm, such a twinkle in your eyes, and such an experience of new discoveries in both the music and the film, that we were almost surprised. Honestly it was such a great reminder - even to ourselves - of the power of music and the live concert experience.

Our whirlwind trip to the US and TEDxFoggyBottom again opened our eyes to the further possibilities, and reminded us of the inherently universal power of music in driving imagination and storytelling.

There is so much more to explore. There are so many more out there that we want to reach out to. So here we are at the starting line of Trailer Music II. Pause; wonder. See music, hear film. 

Trailer Music 2015 - 05 - Performance Piano Trio