Minds Behind the Magic: Andrew English

Up next in our new blog series, Minds behind the Magic, Lynette Chong interviews one of our five filmmakers Andrew English who has just returned to Melbourne from Berlin to work on our upcoming film production for Trailer Music II at Melbourne Music Week

Featuring filmmaker - Andrew English

*Lynette: Andrew – we are excited to know that you have just moved back to Melbourne! Based between Melbourne and Berlin, what is the main difference between the film & music scenes in these respective cities?

*Andrew: Thanks Lynette, it's nice to be back. Four years ago I would have said that Berlin has a lot more buzz around the arts scene, but being back in Melbourne this time around I've really noticed how prominent the film and music scene is here. 

*L: We are blown away by the short films we have seen from Gos Film – your team and you must have put in a lot of hard work! Being a collaborator, how have you discovered members of your team and how do you keep the relationship with them strong especially when you are based in two separate locations?

*A: One way I keep in touch is by sending random WhatsApp voice messages! I've been lucky enough to meet a range of talented colleagues along the way, be it working on film, commercial sector or even in journalism. I'm not sure how I keep these relations strong, but we're all passionate about making films and utterly love the process, which I think is the key factor that connects us. 

*L: Films evolve through the creative process – sometimes most drastically in the editing process. It’s often difficult to reconcile the difference between what we desired and what was achieved. Especially with Trailer Music II that is really pushing the boundaries of film and music, have you encountered this within this or other projects and how do you move through it?

*A: Editing is an unpredictable process where I try to forget what happens in the production process and cut with a fresh set of eyes. I try to cut with the attitude: 'When it works, it works. When it doesn't, keep cutting.' Editing the film for Trailer Music II had me a little nervous because instead of positioning selected music with the perfect moment in the film, we have to work in an opposite fashion by positioning the shots according to the music. This definitely makes it an interesting process where you're reminded just how much music is an influence to the mood and emotion. 

"L: Do you have any upcoming projects/opportunities in Melbourne so that we can look forward to seeing more of your work?

*A: I'm in the pre-production stage for a virtual reality project using a 360˚ camera. I'm pretty excited to make something where you’re surrounded by the world of the story, instead of just watching it on the screen. Other than that, as I've just returned, I'm looking for some talented Aussies to collaborate with for another film production. 

Catch Andrew in action at Melbourne Music Week!

Trailer Music II - 12 & 13 Nov 2016, 8pm. 

Bookings online here.

Learn more about Trailer Music II here.