We have learnt that running your own thing is a marathon, not a sprint; it takes more than a cool idea or moment of inspiration. We’ve also learnt that it’s more a mental game than a construct of great time management skills; it’s more about the people and experiences than the money.

We love doing it because of how it allows to explore, to discover new things, to create, to grow. We love it because of the giddy adrenaline when momentum builds and we have the opportunity of meeting and working with amazing people, bringing experiences that we envision to life and sharing with you that sense of amazement and satisfaction in every event.

anon. is more than a classical music group. anon. has evolved to reflect our interests, learnings, experiences over the years. anon. has seen us move from Music graduates, through our post-graduate studies, and now balances alongside our ‘other’ working lives in management consulting and architecture.

anon. has been running hard for three and a half years. We are now deliberately taking a step back, to step forward. We’re spending our time on building the team, securing sustainable funding, developing new concepts, learning new repertoire.

We promise, we’re still here. Stay tuned. 

Nicole & Thomas